L'auberge lilloise
Enter the auberge lilloise!

…as always the best ideas come to you when you expect them the least. So it was with the idea to this page. It came to me the night before I passed my final exam in International Management. I am unaware of the fact it may have influenced the design of this page ;-).

The page is intended to serve the unexpressed need of the former Erasmus students in Lille to stay in contact and to reduce excuses for lost friendships. It is meant to remember funny incidents, provide excellent rumours and remain Nr.1 platform. Besides it aims to fight against the oblivion of key course concepts hardly elaborated within 10 extremely successful months at the ESC Lille.
Unfortunately I forgot most of them which makes this pages incomplete and brings me to ask you for help and support.

I encourage everybody to grow with me that page. So if you have any funny stories to tell, pictures to share or comments to give post them to me.

I hope you enjoy it and it may stay a meeting point for years to come.

Lost in beautiful memories

-a webpage of former Erasmus students in Lille-